Dr. H.L. Bostic is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She is the pastor and founder of the Mt. Olive A.O.H. Church of God. She personifies faith, and by faith she has reached beyond the bounds of many natural and social barriers to emerge as one of the great social and religious leaders of our time.

Born into a family of eight, she was forced to assume financial responsibility for herself and her family at the age of nine. In order to do so, she worked in several jobs traditionally reserved for men. She was determined to reach beyond the gender barriers of that day. She sacrificed to support her family, during this time her formal education was interrupted. In later years, Dr. Bostic resorted to night school, correspondence courses and self-taught curricula in order to obtain her Peace Officers Training Certificate, and both her Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology degrees.

Dr. Bostic was saved as a young teenager at the Adams Street Holy Church of God in Mobile, Alabama, then Pastored by the late Bishop W.T. Phillips. She was led by God to relocate to California as a teenager.

In her early adult years, Dr. Bostic suffered an injury that the doctors said would prevent her from bearing children. Her faith, however, reached beyond the doctor’s prognosis. She is the mother of five adult sons; Teman, Charles, Michael, Tabbert, and George, and nana to a host of grandchildren.

In 1963, God commissioned her to start a church. Seven years later, Dr. Bostic reached beyond the small storefront in which the Mt. Olive A.O.H. Church of God began. Following the leading of the Lord, with only eight members and a small fraction of the money that the project would cost, she undertook the building of a house of worship. What she lacked in human and financial resources, she made up for in faith and determination, and the church was built.

In 1968, troubled by the deteriorating social condition in urban areas, Dr. Bostic reached beyond the walls of the church and started The Crime Prevention Narcotics Drugs Education Center (CPNDEC), a community-based organization dedicated to the eradication of crime and drug abuse. This program has served as a prototype for hundreds of similar programs across the nation. CPNDEC is still active in the community and hosts programs such as VisionQuest to encourage young people to set positive goals for themselves and become involved in their communities. CPNDEC also sponsors “From Crime to Christ” services to encourage those trapped in sin to seek God and become Christ-centered individuals. There is also an annual Crime Prevention Community Festival featuring fun filled activities for the young and old alike.

In December of 1991, when Dr. Bostic could have relaxed in the 5,000 square foot building she and a few members had worked so hard to erect, she continued to reach beyond, embarking on a remodeling project which would triple the existing building size.

Not only was the building size tripled, but the cost of the project more than tripled, depleting the church’s financial reserves, but she stepped out in faith. Nine months and over $1,000,000.00 later, the remodeling project was completed.

Mt. Olive is now housed in a 16,000 square foot edifice facilitated with classrooms, an audio/visual studio, a library, a conference room, a dining/multipurpose room, a 300+person capacity auditorium and many other amenities. As a result, the homeless can be fed, the services can be taped and broadcast in over 15 states across the nation, souls can be baptized by the masses and the community has a place to convene.

The faith that Dr. Bostic embraces always takes her beyond what the eye can see. Aside from these tangible accomplishments, she has reached into depths of biblical knowledge which few have entered. Dr. Bostic’s ministry is not limited to the preached word. She loves to write about topics pertaining to spirituality and once she begins to write, it is hard to get her to put the pen down. Her several literary publications attest to the heights to which an earnest quest for knowledge have taken her. She has authored the following books: The Allegories of the Devil’s Masterpiece, Women’s Equal Rights, Tips for the Road, Children’s Church Manual, Basic Principles and Fundamentals of the Doctrine, and History of the Forty-Year Journey of Mt. Olive Miracles. She has also written several seminars and tracts which include subjects such as marriage, the human and spiritual senses, leadership, history of holidays, and other publications that are useful for instruction, guidance, encouragement as well as warning. Dr. Bostic’s radio broadcasts are heard weekly; her television broadcast, "The Time of Enlightenment", features informative Bible lessons and is aired weekly on two local cable stations.

Her impact reaches well beyond the physical bounds of Menlo Park, California. As the founder of the Apostolic Original Holy Church of God, Inc., 25 churches, as far away as Kenya, East Africa, are proud to call her their Chief Executive Overseer. As the leader of the Apostolic Original Holy Church of God, Inc., Dr. Bostic continues to lead the church into new areas of spiritual and natural advancement in the work of the Lord.

Dr. Bostic has pastored for forty-eight years, and remains to this day a hard-working, dedicated and committed servant of God. She is a national crusader, spreading the Gospel across the nation.

After all of the accolades, however, the real profile of Dr. H.L. Bostic is that she is a woman who acknowledges God in all that she does.
Herein lies the key to her success: Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.